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  • This contract will stipulate the the rules of the contract between the coach and the client.

  • The coaching sessions to be provided by the coach are in person face to face coaching, tele - coaching, Skype, e-mail and instant messaging chat services.

    The Coach promises the Client that all information regarding the clients files and conversations will be kept confidential.

    The Client will come to each session being fully focused and brutally honest with one's "Self" throughout the session.

    The sessions are to be paid no later than at the end of the session, unless the client has bought a pre-paid package, they are then to be paid in full, in advance.

    In the event of a change or cancellation of a session, 48 hours notice must be provided, or the client will be billed as per - booked.

    In the event the Client or Coach wish to terminate the contract, each party must provide a written notice fourteen days in advance.

  • This agreement between Coach Andrew Grant and the Client will begin;

  • Coach Disclaimer of Liability: Client hereby employs the Coach for the purpose of advising the Client with respect to Client’s strategic planning, communications, team leadership, and quality of life. Your coach has experience in such matters and agrees to render such coaching services. Client understands and your coach agrees not to be an employment agent, financial analyst, psychotherapist or business manager.

    Your coach has not promised, shall not be obligated to, and will not 1) procure or attempt to procure employment, business or sales for the client 2) perform accounting services, tax advising or investment counseling or 3) act as a therapist, providing psychological counseling, psycho - analysis or behavioral therapy.

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