The benefits I have found having Andrew Grant as my coach has been in the areas of;

  • -Getting me clear on what will be the most effective steps concerning implementation of a strategic plan, with the getting it and doing of it mentally.
  • -Helping me realize the opening of possible strategic alliances.
  • -Asking me powerful questions that make me feel that he “Gets me.”
  • -Helping me clarify my most profitable and effortless business model.
  • -Helped me to recognize and maximize my current resources and partnerships with my time.
  • -Holding me accountable to each session, to assure the success I am looking for.
  • -His background in business is a great strength he brings to the coaching sessions.
  • -I can see myself in the future continuing to use Andrew Grant in the role as my consultant and coach as I move forward realizing my dreams professionally.

Teresia LaRocque MCC
Canada’s First Master Certified Coach
Vancouver, BC

It is with great pleasure that I submit a written Testimonial for Andrew Grant. I attended 6 sessions with Andrew, one hour in length, from August 30th to October 4th, 2005 and each session gave me greater clarity as well made me accountable to someone else. I needed to look at my personal and business goals and  my weekly sessions with Andrew gave me the road map I was seeking as an on-going Action Plan.

Andrew is an excellent listener with great understanding and sincere awareness of what I was seeking in order to move forward with my life. His soft manner and excellent feedback each week allowed me to take another step towards my goals. I highly recommend Andrew as your personal coach for he creates a safe and secure environment. Thank-you Andrew and continued success.

Paul Talbot “No Clutter Guy”
Vancouver, BC

I first met Andrew in June of 2005. A friend had recommended that I go to him for personal coaching. At that time I felt really stuck. I wanted to produce a CD of meditations for people who are stressed at work. For two years I had collected notes about what I  wanted to put on the CD. But I felt that I couldn’t move forward due to various life circumstances.

Andrew helped me to clear away some of the obstacles that were in my way. First, he coached me into clearing my clutter, thereby making a space for the new. It made a huge difference - I was able to access my creativity once the  clutter was gone. The next step was to figure out how to obtain the financing to move ahead and produce the CD. During one coaching session the two of us brainstormed how to make it happen - and we came up with a wonderful idea. I could pre-sell my CD’s.

It worked! My CD is now a reality.

There are many things I appreciate about Andrew. One his sensitivity to
all of the issues in my life. Another important aspect of his coaching is attention to detail. He always insists that I have a contingency plan, in case things don’t turn out as I plan them.

This is the first time in my life I have had a coach, and I certainly see the value of coaching.

I would most heartily recommend Andrew Grant to anyone who wants to move ahead in life. As for me, I will continue to see Andrew as I move to the next adventure.

Donna Millar
Burnaby, BC

Andrew, thank-you for helping me to look at, and release, a limited belief that I had carried with me since my teens. (As I am now 66, that was quite a number of years ago!) During each one of our sessions your willingness to support me in achieving a lifetime accomplishment of becoming a licensed minister was evident. Through you instinctive insight and suggestions our sessions together contributed in large measure to my increased belief that I could, and did, bring my vision to reality.

You personify quality, spirit, dedication and caring in your practice, and I am privileged to be a recipient.                                                         
Dorothy Blandford
White Rock, BC