How does coaching help a company make more money?

The Hay Group reports that up to 40% of Fortune 500 companies use Executive Coaches, and that number is increasing. Coaching creates insight and momentum, which paves the way for transformational leadership. Harvard Business Review (Rucci, Kim, & Quinn, January 1998) published a landmark study that linked employee satisfaction to revenue growth at Sears. Scientific testing and measurement revealed that a 4 % increase in employee satisfaction at Sears over a 12-month period translated into more than $200 million in additional revenue. Those extra revenues increased the Company’s market capitalization by nearly one - quarter  of a billion dollars. These are impressive statistics by any standard; but if satisfying employees were so easy, everyone would be doing it. Gallup Management Journal [Coffman, January 2003] reports that superior management pivots on relationships, not technical skills.

Simply put, Coaching improves leadership, retains talent, and increases revenues - and that makes good business sense.
- To expand your ability to take effective actions when needed.
- Attain more meaningful and greater successes.
- How to work effectively with all types of people.
- Use all your talents more effectively.
- Have greater insights into your strengths and goals.
- Make better - informed decisions.
- Ability to adjust to change more effectively.
- Achieve higher levels of personal performance.
- Being able to create and sustain non-limiting beliefs.
- Aligning your actions with your values.
- Being able to bring out the best in you and others.